February 1, 2010

February Playlist: VERY NEW Artists Addition.

Note: A lot of these groups are unsigned or so new that I could only find their music on MySpace verses YouTube so there will be more links than usual to outside websites.

Honestly this should of been my "Welcome to 2010 List" But whatever we have 11 more months to see how it all plays out...

- Forty Five
A bit indie rock and a bit punk, they remind me a bit of Be Your Own Pet (you know before BYOB fell apart with "Get Awkward").

Dream Diary - Bird in My Garden and Is He Really Mine
Brooklyn indie hipsters associated with The Pains of being Pure At Heart make mellow indie pop that I guess could almost be classified as "easy listening." I really dig their chill laid back vibe.

Check out their MYSPACE

I Blame Coco (Feat Robyn) - Caesar
My favorite song on the playlist hands down.

Rachel Lancaster
- You Can't Make Somebody Love You
A heart wrenching ballad, that I think a few of us can relate to.

check out her MYSPACE

- Return to Surrender
Very retro goth in a way almost like Joy Division or New Order in female form. I think this band will be making some big moves in 2010.

Trailer Trash Tracy's - Candy Girl
They sound very 90s, circa Garbage and K's Choice.

Esben and the Witch - Marching Song
They classify themselves as "nightmare pop" and I really really like them.

Check out their MYSPACE

The Romany Rye - Dear Holly
Creedence Clearwater Revival would of been proud.

Check out their MYSPACE

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home
They are actually very country...but not Taylor Swift or Carry Underwood country more like Jonny Cash country.

Check out their MYSPACE

Your Twenties - Billionaires
Sweet indie pop.

Anna Calvi - Blackout
Charming singer songwriter with an edge.

check out her MYSPACE

Darker My Love - Northern Soul
Pretty trippy rock and roll. It sort of reminds me of The Verve on acid.

Erland and the Carnival - Love is a Killing Thing
Simply beautiful.

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