April 28, 2010

At Sea

I don't usually come across too many Buffalo independent musical groups I like, however At Sea produces pretty decent indie folk/ lofi....(essentially whatever indie snob lexicon/ jargon you want to call it) that I can listen to, and not cringe at. Sometimes the lead singer sounds like he is trying too hard, but overall the musical compositions are quite strong and show lots of promise for further development. I think sometimes the tracks just scream "I am trying to be really different and experimental by trying to sound like I'm singing into a fan!" however, "Georgia" and "on Shore" are definitely worth listening to and can (in my humble opinion) carry over past the "local music scene" which if you been following this blog, know I don't cover that often. If you're curious about shows, they recently opened for Toronto Ontario's (my second home) Timber Timbre -- whose single "Demon Host" I did post on here a few months ago.

Check em out:


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